SOIDEMER® is a Branding and Creative communications studio specializing in providing creative solutions and effective strategies that meet your business needs. We believe that good design is, apart from image and aesthetics, about improving our experiences and simplifying information.We offer your company a creative approach to branding with fresh and innovative design solutions that will be most effective for you and your business. As partners in your success, every design, development and marketing decision is made to reflect an ever-evolving communications strategy.

We have a strong commitment to work with our clients to develop powerful relationships between their brands and their customers. We think our experience, vision, and personal interests lend themselves to accomplishing your creative and business goals. Through carefully crafted positioning and communication strategy, we help our clients pull away from the pack. In short, we can help you to achieve distinction in a congested marketplace.


To be the leading brand ingenious studio that will foster, nurture, communicate and deliver authentic and fulfilling brand experiences.


To STRATEGIZE, POSITION and TRANSFORM businesses into ENGAGING & INFLUENTIAL Brands by creating an ecosystem that a brand would need to thrive in.


Spearheaded by two very passionate people, SOIDEMER® is a small but dedicated team of professionals ensuring a concrete creative direction for your brand communication. With both partners having diverse experience, as well as a practical, quantitative mindset, this competitive edge adds value to the service offerings by creating solutions that have both creative elements combined with rational, business ideas.

As a company, SOIDEMER® has always emphasized on bringing on board professionals of high caliber and providing its customers with quality service and output of highest standards. This has reinforced our assurance to clients. Our core team comprises of experienced professionals having rich industry background derived from diverse projects. Our growth is largely attributable to the commitment of our employees to deliver.

Abigail Roberts

Founder & Director - Brand Strategy & Creative

An alumna of St. Xavier's Mumbai, Abigail has a unique background in Technology Marketing, Communication and Creative Direction where her business knowledge, diverse skills and unconventional approach brings to the table, a fresh perspective. Parallel to spending years in the information security industry, she ventured on her own path and engaged her entrepreneurial spirit to pursue her passion for design, creative writing and photography and established her own creative business through which SOIDEMER was later born. Hailing from Mumbai – the commercial hub of India, she relocated to the Middle East, before returning to India - Goa to explore business opportunities within the region and roll out the new venture along with her partner Robert Dourado. Her focus has always been to create a differentiated positioning for SOIDEMER. Her confidence, dedication and synergistic approach has driven the business to secure interesting projects while earning the support and encouragement of a reputable client base bringing reality to her blueprint. As Agency Head and the creative force behind SOIDEMER®, Abigail is responsible for translating marketing objectives into effective strategies for the brands she manages, while leading the team to develop integrated Brand communication platforms and campaign creatives. Having gained over Twenty Four year’s exposure in the creative industry, with a diverse experience and creative endeavors in her forte, she is now focusing on internal growth plans and is set to propel the business into new markets.

Robert Dourado

Co-Founder & Director - Brand Marketing

Robert has almost 2 decades of extensive industry wide experience and successful accomplishments to his credit. He holds a strong track record working with international organizations such as DynCorp Intl (Defense Contractor for U.S. Air Force, CENTAF - W.R.M program), Khimji Ramdas Corporation (oldest trading firm in Oman- Since 1871), OHI Telecoms and PRD Nationwide (Australian Real Estate Firm) – MENA Region. His natural enthusiasm to take on new challenges made him shoulder varied careers head-on at a broader spectrum with different industries, even steering his career through a brutal 2008 financial market crash. With experiential knowledge and the hunger to follow his passion he soon leveraged his strengths from his corporate years to collaborate and begin his entrepreneurial journey with founder Abigail Roberts Dourado way back in 2011 to begin the road map for SOIDEMER Brand Consulting and Design Communications in Goa, India. He combines his specialist experience in diverse business and technical environments to bring in collective complementing expertise and skills into this venture. As Co-Founder, Robert spearheads the operations, sales and marketing, to engage and turn complex business needs into practical implementable solutions for their clients at SOIDEMER through their proprietary processes and workflows for brands to incubate and grow organically. Robert is a Canfield Certified Trainer on Success Principles by Jack Canfield, an ardent full marathon runner, speaker and mentor for early entrepreneurs.

Working with us…

We strive to understand your business objectives and target demographic.
We develop communication materials that inspire, motivate and engage with your audience across multiple platforms.


We're optimized to work within reasonable budgets. We won't compete on pricing with the rest of the market, but we'll do a far better job growing your business!


We insist on doing things well, and we won't cut important steps just to make things quicker or cheaper, because Doing it right the first time is a far more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Reasonable Timelines

We've refined our processes over time to enable us to develop our materials as efficiently as possible. We're not an "overnight emergency" shop, but we'll definitely move things along briskly for you.


to create ideas that speak across various mediums.


Where CHANGE is the new CONSTANT

During the COVID19 crisis, we restructured our team and transitioned to flexible working hours. We have implemented remote working and are connected with our team virtually. We have embraced this new style of functioning which we have measured and found to be more productive. What this means for our clients is that we can serve you better with less interruptions. However, remote working also calls for a great deal of discipline, collaboration and the ability to adhere to systems. We did not record a single day downtime related to Covid. The only interruptions we ever faced were attributed to pre-existing infrastructural limitations that are beyond our control.
We are proud of our team members who stood by us during this time to keep the momentum going and will hold those efforts and contributions in very high regard. It is at times like these that we realise our true potential and strengths. We are also grateful to our clients who stood by us and gave us strength and motivation to push-the-peddle even harder resulting in some very impressive project outcomes.

We humbly urge our clients to accept this new form of working and the systems we have put in place, so that together, we can continue to do awesome stuff.

Alternatively, if you share the same passion as us, and wish to know how you can contribute to our virtual team remotely, please visit our careers section to find areas of expertise that may interest you to join our professional network.


Let us capture your vision and values so we can help you build a vibrant Brand.